As a Physiotherapist and competitive bodybuilder, Paul Xydis understands the needs of his clients, dedicating the last 10 years to his passion of training, coaching and educating. Based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Paul works closely alongside his team at Paddo Performance to facilitate a strong multifaceted & evidence based approach to rehab, strength and mobility for clients to reach their goals faster. Paul has treated the world’s best strength and physique athletes and prides himself on his ability to understand the demands of training, competing and achieving maximum results.




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Common “Gym Injuries”
I met Paul over 10 years ago when he was still a high school student. He was about 15 years old and all he wanted to talk about was building muscle and human anatomy, which he would study in addition to his regular school work. Every year that went by, this kid would become more muscular and more technical with his training knowledge, before finally beginning his studies in physiotherapy.

At this time, I knew that I wanted to work with Paul in some capacity in the future. When he finished his Physiotherapy degree I offered him a position at my gym – Base Gym, as my team Physiotherapist. I knew that anyone that passionate about their career, would be an absolute asset to my team. In less than a year Paul’s reputation for fixing his patients was catching on and Paul was so in demand that even I had to join the waitlist to be treated by him.

Paul’s success as a rehabilitation specialist can be attributed to his high level understanding of human movement and strength development, and his approach to rehabilitating injury is far beyond pressing and poking people’s sore spots. Paul’s approach to achieving success with his patients includes corrective exercise prescription, giving people the strength, movement and knowledge to function without pain.

Since Paul’s successful growth at Base Gym, he has moved on to open his own facility at Paddo Performance and although we are not within the same premises any longer, Paul will continue to be the physiotherapist I use and trust for myself and my team of high level athletes.

Sebastian Oreb, Australian Strength Coach

They say there is always a positive to be found from any negative situation. When I completely ruptured my pec I found myself in one of the most mentally and physically devastating situations of my life.

The first person I reached out to was Paul, via instagram as I was sitting in the hospital waiting room. I had never met him personally & had very minimal interaction with him until this point.
He immediately treated my situation with immense sincerity and sensitivity. A level of empathy I don’t believe any other Physio would of been capable of giving me.

Paul, being a tertiary educated bodybuilder ‘gets it’ he lives and breathes heavy weight training and bodybuilding which made him the perfect health care professional to guide me back to full health.
His ‘in the trenches’ experience combined with his academic achievements and passion for learning and building on his own knowledge base continually give him a perfect scope of understanding from an athletes perspective as well as that of an industry leading health care specialist.

Paul has guided me back from the most severe injury I’ve ever sustained to a body that is now stronger and more developed then ever. I’ve learned more about injury prevention in the 12 months I’ve known Paul then in the entire time I’ve been training. I continue to learn things from him that I can apply to my training weekly.

I couldn’t be more grateful of Paul’s phenomenal work but more so the friendship we have built as a result of it. & that is the positive from my negative situation.

Mike Pearson, World Championship & Australian National Bodybuilder

Paul is my physiotherapist and his work is second to none, he is the new school talking the talk and more importantly walking the walk, he was a MASSIVE factor for myself winning the all time Australian powerlifting record, without his constant treatment and guidance there is no way I would have achieved such a feat.

His results with his clientele speak volumes for the knowledge Paul has for rehabilitation and strengthening the body, a great man who lives and breathes his work, Sydney’s best Physio in a word class facility Paddo performance.

Alex Simon, Australian Powerlifting Champion & Professional Cage Fighter

I spent 4 months training at Paddo Performance, during this time Paul helped me to fix my knee pain that I had for over a year. I then prepped to compete in a powerlifting completion where I totalled 865kg including a 350kg squat.

Paul is an amazingly knowledgeable physiotherapist and I am forever thankful for his guidance , help and friendship.

Adam, Bondi Strength Coach
Paul has taken my goals as a Pro Athlete to a higher level in performance and coaching.
It’s very important as a Fitness Model that I not only improve physically but that my technique and training result in an injury free and result driven success!
Paul has coached me leading up to my Pro Debut with the WBFF Australia, I never looked back!
Nathalia Burmann , WBFF Pro Fitness Model